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Total Gut Health Favorites Bundle

Total Gut Health Favorites Bundle

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BY POPULAR DEMAND! This bundle contains ALL three flavours of our BeeHappi Collagen Health Supplements!

Save $38 our best sellers in this most requested bundle and $58 off if you subscribe!

1 x 200g Beehappi Lime Splice  Collagen Blend Health Supplement

1 x 200g Beehappi Mango Tango  Collagen Blend Health Supplement

1 x 190g Beehappi Unflavoured  Collagen Blend Health Supplement

BeeHappi is a Bovine Collagen, blended with 10 other ALL natural specially sourced ingredients, which include those to help with gut health, moods, and vitality and energy,  as it's also a cleanse.

It's high in Vitamin C providing an overall immunity boost, it may help reduce cholesterol, helps with hydration, brain health, and is an amazing source of antioxidants to help with the prevention of cell damage, inflammation within the body and hormonal balancing to help with stress and anxiety. 

It's a powder form, hydrolyzed to ensure optimal absorption by the body. 

We have designed our special MANGO TANGO BLEND & LIME SPLICE BLEND to dissolve easily and taste great in water as a refreshing drink, or to be blended in a smoothie or shake with any milk or water and has also been blended to taste even better when you add a scoop of our VANILLA PROTEIN for the intimate healthy an amazing tasting smoothies that will need no extra flavours added. 

This product is blended with all 100% natural flavours and colour.

  • For the perfect smoothie simply add ice and your choice of milk or water as our flavours and protein have been specially blended to compliment each other. 
  • I also love to add a frozen banana and or fresh spinach for a taste that will blow your mind. 🍌🥭🍈
  • Mix with water for the easiest health kick.
  • Mix the unflavoured with your favorite soup and teas, coffees

Why BeeHappi is more than a collagen powder and how it benefits your gut health
* Bovine Collagen: Supports gut lining integrity, reducing inflammation and improving digestion.
* Kakadu Plum: High in vitamin C and antioxidants, promotes gut health and immune function.
* Apple Cider Vinegar: Helps maintain a healthy pH balance in the gut and aids in digestion.
* Inulin: Acts as a prebiotic, nourishing beneficial gut bacteria and supporting gut flora balance.
* Glucomannan Fiber: Promotes healthy digestion and regular bowel movements.
* Psyllium Husk: Provides fiber for improved gut transit time and supports healthy bowel movements.
* Green Tea Extract: Contains antioxidants that support a healthy gut and overall well-being.
* Zinc Gluconate: Supports the immune system and helps maintain gut barrier function.
* Silica: Promotes collagen production and helps maintain healthy connective tissues in the gut.
* Rose Hip Extract: Rich in antioxidants, supports gut health and immune function.
* Biotin: Supports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption in the gut.
These 11 powerful ingredients in BeeHappi work together to promote a healthy gut, supporting digestion, immune function, and overall well-being.

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Made from 100% Bovine Collagen and is:
✔️ Dairy-Free
✔️ Gluten-Free
✔️ No added sugar
✔️ Made in Australia
✔️ 100% Australian owned

* This Collagen Blend contains NO detectable Lactose, being less than 0.1% of Lactose per 100g of product

Collagen Ingriedients

 Kakadu Plum
 Apple Cider Vinegar
 Glucomannan Fibre
 Psyllium Husk
 Green Tea Extract
 Zinc Gluconate
 Rose Hip Extract


We recommend your daily dose to be one scoop (5g) TWICE per day (10g per day) for optimal health benefits.

Our BeeHappi collagen blend is safe and easy to mix into smoothies, coffee, baked goods, and other snacks, desserts, and drinks, hot or cold. I love to blend my first scoop with my morning coffee as soon as I wake then my second scoop later that day in my protein shake /smoothie yogurt or breakfast cereal. You can heat it or have it cold, it will not compromise the health benefits of the ingredients and best of all the unflavored scoop will not change the taste of your food and drinks. I DON'T recommend drinking the unflavoured in plain water.

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