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BeeHappi New Flavours Bundle

BeeHappi New Flavours Bundle

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Our new gut health and collagen blend collection!

1 x Passion Baby
1 x Strawberry Coco
1 x Pineberry Dream

BeeHappi is a Bovine Collagen, blended with 10 other ALL natural specially sourced ingredients, which include those to help with gut health, moods, and vitality as it’s also a cleanse.

It’s high in Vitamin C providing an overall immunity boost, it may help reduce cholesterol, helps with hydration, brain health, and is an amazing source of antioxidants to help with the prevention of cell damage, inflammation within the body and hormonal balancing to help with stress and anxiety.

It’s a powder form, hydrolyzed to ensure optimal absorption by the body. We have designed our main blend as unflavoured to dissolve easily and taste great in any food or beverage.

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